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Site Rules

Post by shadowsowner888 on 6/8/2009, 9:00 am

These are the basic rules of The Writer’s Guild that I expect to be followed in all sections - both in your writing and when you’re talking to other members.

No plagiarism. Plagiarism is stealing other peoples’ ideas without their permission. Fanfictions and such are fine, but please be sure to always give credit to the original author when posting something that is not your own.

Be polite and courteous to all other members. Don’t be rude to each other because of different viewpoints or because someone else’s story “stinks” - please be sure to always express your opinions kindly.

No bad language. “Crap” is the worst I’ll allow, but is acceptable to say “he swore” and such in stories and roleplays.

As well, use proper language. Please use proper grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc - and no typing in all caps LIKE THIS either, or posting nothing but a smiley. This is a writing site, so please make your best effort. Wink

No using blue or red text. These colors are for important posts by the mods and admin (red for admin, blue for mods) only. Variations are fine, however, such as royal blue.

No personal information. If you wish, you may share your first name, age, and state, but nothing else. (And this applies to things people would put down about you in an address book, not things such as your favorite color, etc.) This would include posting pics of your face.

Follow the rules of each section when in that section. These are in topics below - please make sure you're familiar with them.

No spamming. Chain messages, off-topic posts, whatever - none of this is allowed.

Please keep your avvie, siggy, and username widget a reasonable size. It's fine to have the avvie bigger than just 100x100, but not so big that it stretches the page out. And as for your siggy . . . well, I don't have a particular limit, but don't load it up so much that it fills a whole page in our browsers. XD Images can be resized if it goes over that. And no flash (vids, playlists, etc) in there either, please. The limit for username widgets isn't for the whole thing, but rather for the badges and TwigAdopts. Altogether, those two sections can not fill more than three hundred pixels. You can use this app, created by Arianna, if you're not sure how much space you have.

No putting Youtube vids right in your posts. Linking is fine, but for copyright reasons, please do not put them directly in.

Usernames may only change once every three months. I will make an exception in the case of typos and such, but other than that, this is the standard. New users cannot change their names right away, also, and you must have an acceptable reason. People knowing you better by the name you wish to change to is a good reason. Boredom is not.

If you see a violation of these, please report it for me or one of the mods to check it out. Wink Thanks!

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