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xxevrrmorrx113's characters ! unfinished !

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xxevrrmorrx113's characters ! unfinished !

Post by xxevrrmorrx113 on 8/20/2009, 4:35 pm

[Name] Florence -Flo- Bradford
[Gender] Female
[Height] Five foot six inches
[Age] Sixteen
[Position] Written in Florence's point of view/ Main character
[Description] Florence has slightly tanned skin with a head full of loose brown curls falling down to the middle of her back, lined with platinum blonde streaks. She has pale blue eyes that have sparkling silver flecks in them. She has a semi-curvy figure and pixie-like features.
[Personality] Florence has a usually bubbly personality, but starts feeling distraught and more serious when a man who claims to be her long lost cousin going back to the Mayflower.
[History] Coming when the first chapter is posted Wink

[Name] Demi Bradford
[Gender] Female
[Height] Five foot seven
[Age] 'Forty-three'
[Position] Mother
[Description] Short, wavy dark chocolate colored hair, like her daughter, Florence. She has hazel green eyes and a slim figure. She has the same pixie-like features as her daughter.
[Personality] Demi is more of a quiet mother-figure. She is a lot more shy than her daughter, probably because of the time-frame that she was born in.
[History] Coming when the first chapter is poster Wink

[Name] Brett Bradford
[Gender] Male
[Height] Five foot twelve
[Age] 'Forty-five'
[Position] Father
[Description] Dirty blonde hair with a large jaw and muscular build. Florence has his pale blue eyes, and hair texture, but because of the length of his hair, it looks straighter than hers is. His features are straight and clean cut.
[Personality] Has the same more bubbly personality of Florence, but can be serious when need to be. He has some temper.
[History] Coming when the first chapter is posted

More soon smiley

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Re: xxevrrmorrx113's characters ! unfinished !

Post by Akeria on 8/20/2009, 9:25 pm

I know that this may not be the place to say this, but you have a really cool siggie. Very Happy XD Lol. Draco is my faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaav.

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Re: xxevrrmorrx113's characters ! unfinished !

Post by *Strongly*[Emo]tional on 8/21/2009, 12:47 am

i love the character so far
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Re: xxevrrmorrx113's characters ! unfinished !

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