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Terra dei Invisibile FILES

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Terra dei Invisibile FILES

Post by Noah the Flood on 11/27/2009, 11:22 am

This is a branch of my RP, Terra dei Invisibile. It is all about the places, vampires, werewolves, and demons.

First off.
The main area is Long Island.
Off Long Island though, are two bridges.
One leads to the island were the Good reside.
The other to the bad.

The good island; Aroya.
On this island, there is a large building with a few buildings branching off from it.
This is were the dorms and school rooms are.
There are two kitchens, a library, and a lounge with games and such.
There is an pool inside, and there are pathways leading to a small 'forest', the beach, and a garden.

The bad island;

Now for the scoop on the full-blood creatures

- Can go out in sunlight
- Only get their venom on Half-moons and full-moons
- Strongest on a solar eclipse
- Arn't repeled by crosses, onions, and won't die from a steak through the heart.
- Do have a very strong sense of smell and are very fast.
- Very good reflexes
- Can eat human food
- Don't have a pulse
- Can only die by extreme causes, or being attacked by a werewolf.
- Are fond of bats.
- Usually pale skinned, but there have been dark skinned.
- Blood of dogs and birds is poisonous.
- Can drown
- Copper can kill, but only when pierced with
- Usually considered 'evil'

- Silver DOES burn and can kill when touched to open skin
- Strongest on a Lunar eclipse
- Only get venom during cresent moons and full moons
- Very fast, but not as fast as vampires
- Stronger then vampires when in wolf form
- When in wolf form, about to size of a full grown grizzly..times two. Depends on the person
- Wolf colors range
- Can change to a wolf at any time
- Usually considered good
- If they bite a cat or reptile, the blood is poisonous.
- Very fond of animals besides the two named above
- Don't have to be dark skinned, can be very pale.

Coming soon

*This is going to be edited, but its good for now*
Noah the Flood
Noah the Flood
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