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The Gifted Triplets

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The Gifted Triplets

Post by Mrs. Jessi O'Shea on 12/1/2009, 11:57 pm

They’re triplets, brother and sisters, even though they all look nothing alike. Or at least that’s what they think. Everyone else says that they look exactly like each other. They were told that when they were born, they were abandoned and taken in by the Devil (called Devin). But what really happened was when they were 10 years old, the devil came and took them from their parents. Their real names aren’t even Blake, Jessi and Bethany. They’re Joshua, Irina, and Crystal. They all have the black mark on their arm(legend tells that when the black mark disappears of one’s arm, all memories of their past life will be restored to them[i.e. their names, friends, family members, ect.]), meaning they don’t have any free will and they have to do whatever the devil tells them, but they don’t know that. Devin told them it meant they are worthy of their powers, and loyal to him. Jessi started to think Devin lied to them. She told Bethany, and she believed her. They both tried to convince Blake them same, but he thought that they were just being silly. That morning, Bethany and Jessi ran away .At this, their black marks disappeared, but they still couldn’t remember anything about their pasts. Now, they’re both trying to change to good, and find out about all of their past lives. But seeing as their all vampires, it might be harder than they thought. You never know when your thirst is gonna take over your own free will.

Blake - Jessi and Bethany’s twin brother. He considers himself her older brother, because he was born first, but only by one minute. Hopefully you can be friends with him and not get on his bad side. He calls his sister ‘Jess’ and ‘Jeffy’, but only because it annoys her so much. Even though he was the head servant, he still wasn’t trusted with the truth. He has short, messy, dark brown hair and tan skin. His eyes are pitch black, and he has to keep the flames in them down so people don’t know who he is. He was sent to bring his sisters back alive, and at any cost. He is tricky, sneaky, and most importantly, cunning. He has many tricks and plans up his sleeve. Before he left for the school, Devin gave him a charm. A charm that could make anyone, even his own two sisters, not recognize them, He normally calls Bethany Beth for short. He goes by Mark at the school.

Jessi - Bethany and Blake’s twin sister. She is like the middle child, because she is a minute younger than Blake, and a minute older than Bethany. Hopefully you can be friends with her and not get on her bad side. She loves her brother and sister. Blake once told her that she can do anything she wants to if she sets her mind to it. He was her role model, always being the best at everything. The only thing she could beat him at was battling and using her powers. After she thought about Devin lying, they were her inspirations to find out the truth (even though Black discouraged the entire idea). She is focused, and has never liked a boy, and she does not intend to start. She has strait, messy dirty blonde hair that goes to her shoulders and pale skin. When she lost the black mark, her eyes returned to the blue that everyone tells her looks like marbles. She normally calls her sister Beth for short. She hates it when Blake calls her Jess, but she’s fine with it when Beth does it.

Bethany - Blake and Jessi’s twin sister. She’s considered the baby, since she was the last of the triplets to be born. She is preppy and girly, but isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty. She is very boy-prone. She cares for her brother and sister, because she views them as the only people she has in the world. When Jessi talked to her about Devin, she completely believed her. She even tried to help out with Blake, even though that’s normally impossible. She was actually the one who suggested that they should go to the school, thinking someone who can help them might be there. People tell her that her blue eyes look like crystals. She has long, strait brunette hair that goes to her hips. She calls her sister Jess, and doesn’t minf being called Beth. She actually likes it better.

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Re: The Gifted Triplets

Post by Mandy-Love on 2/1/2010, 6:38 pm

Sounds really cool. Smile
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