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Crimson Night- A Vampire Knight RP- The Files.

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Crimson Night- A Vampire Knight RP- The Files.

Post by Miss_Alice on 12/12/2009, 7:49 pm

OK, Let's start with the basics.
  • Cross Academy is located in Tokyo, Japan.
    Everyone there speaks English. So don't worry.
    There is two classes. Day Class, which consists of Humans, and Vampire Hunters, and The Night Class, which is only for Vampires.
    Day Class uniforms are black, Night class is while. As seen:

OK, Now on to Night Class info:

  • The Night Class has only vampires, no acceptations!
    These vampires DO NOT SPARKLE. They are just like regular people, except, if they are born vampires, they cannot go out into sunlight.
    Night Class has class at... Night. They pass through the Sun Gates to get to class at Sundown.
    Not all the Vampires are well behaved. They can be rebels and go of during Class.

Day Class Info:
  • The Day Class has Humans, Bloodbanks, and Vampire Hunters.
    Day Class has class in the day.
    Most of the Girls in Day Class are fangirls to the Night Class. Not all girls though.
    The Day Class members DO NOT know about the Night Class's secret. If any of the student finds out, two things can happen. One: They can become Guardians, or Two: They get their memorys erased from that night.

Guardian Info:
  • Guardians are normally Day Class.
    Guardians are the "Guards" of the school. (hence the name) They protect the secret of the Night Class.
    Guardians can be Humans, Vampire Hunters, or Bloodbanks.
    Guardians have to patrol around the Academy at night, making sure that The Night Class are in their class, and the Day Class are in their dorms.
    Most Guardians sleep through class. (xD)

Other info:
  • Students can go in town during the weekends.
    Dorms can be designed how you like it.
    Cross Academy is HUGE. Everywhere, (except the Night Class Dorms, or opposite if your Night Class.) is open.
    There is a stable at the Academy.

Vampire Info:
  • There is a level for each Vampire, as follows:
    Level A is the highest of Vampires. They are also know as Purebloods. If they bite a human, they will turn the human into a vampire. There is very few let. Born a vampire.
    Level B vampires are Aristocrats. If they bite a human- They will not be turned. Born a vampire, or maybe turned.
    Level C vampires are regular vampires. You might see them on the streets, as they are not born a vampire. Bite= Still Human.
    Level D Vampires. Pretty much as Level C, although they might fall into the Level E state. This is the stage when you are turned before drinking the blood of the vampire that turned you. Bite= Still human.
    Level E vampires are also know as Level End. This is the type of Vampire that Vampire Hunters are allowed to hunt. These vampires have lost their human side, and will kill for blood.

-This will be edited later-
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