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Compositions Rules

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Compositions Rules

Post by shadowsowner888 on 6/8/2009, 9:34 am

No adult-only content. There’s two things this rule means - no extreme romance, and no graphic violence. The most for romance I want to see is pregnancies without explanations of how they came about, or serious kissing, and for violence, don’t go so far into the details that we feel nauseous. (And also, only male + female couples for romance.)

Don’t start more than you can handle. This is really just a suggestion, but try and make sure that you only post as many stories as you can keep up with.

Put your writing in the proper category. There's a brief explanation of each section below its title.

Let everyone know how high the maturity and fantasy in your work is. While this site is mainly directed at teens, I know some of us will have parents who still would want us avoiding two things, depending on their beliefs - extreme romance, and certain kinds of fantasy. So at the top of your stories, please put a little non-spoiler summary of these two qualities, so we can avoid them if needed. For example:
Maturity: This contains non-graphic battle scenes, and non-detailed kissing.
Fantasy: This contains dragons and other fantasy creatures, and magic here and there (including magical powers).
As well, please include a very brief summary of them in the thread description. For example, "Fantasy: High, Maturity: Mild."

Let everyone know whether your work is finished. Just to avoid confusion. At the top of your story somewhere, or in the title, please put “Finished,” “Unfinished,” or something to that effect.

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