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***Erin's Character's for Brooklyn's Story:::...The Move-Character's Part One

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***Erin's Character's for Brooklyn's Story:::...The Move-Character's Part One

Post by Erinbeth on 3/26/2010, 12:28 pm

Ok here are the characters, Family Edition for NEW YORK!

Still Making Brooklyn's, Becky's and her friends:)

Introducing Characters.-The Parents, Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents, and cousin’s addition.

Diana is a painter; she enjoys painting the country side, of Texas.
She sells her Art at either Auctions, or the Internet, she is formally known for her Ability to make things come to life, in her pictures, She is more Loving and Fun then most of today’s parents, because she grew up in such a sad child hood she does every thing to make her daughter’s worth while. She is not afraid to jump right into something.
Usually it gets her in trouble, but she does it anyway. She loves her Family and thinks it’s the best to stay with Becky as she takes, on the new perspective of a working life.
She gains her own Art Store, in downtown New York as a gift from Peter, she doesn’t regret Moving to a new place for the first time, since she has grown to love the city, more then the country.
She has a Playful smile, and long straight Red hair, that she normally keeps up, because she paints so much.

Peter is a Car salesman, at Ray’s Auto Store. He Stands outside all day, and greets people. You would think they don’t get a lot of business but they do. He is a Likable guy, and is very funny, cracking the lame ‘dad’ jokes, as he laughs at them, and no one else does. He likes to take jogs, by cattle ranches, as he smells fresh manure, Umm Yuck.
Once they move to New York he gets a job as a Car sales man, even though they have three cars, he rather rides his bike to work. Becky and Brooke think it’s a form of punishment, to see him, in a suit, with a red helmet on whistling a tune, riding on the sidewalk, as he doges upcoming Pedestrians. He is approachable, and you can always find him, with a big smile on his face. He Loves his Family so much. He likes New York better; the only problem is that his family lives there.
He has Brown Hair, with some white hairs, (don’t stress him out)

She is a Fun, and loving grandma, as she picks favorites, Brooklyn does not like her that much, since her favorite is Becky. She wears Hippy and Indian looking clothing. With bandanas and Large sunglasses, always with the flip flops also.
She has short gray-ish white hair, and is short. She can be strict, and Mean though.

George is More Sweet, and Loving then Irene. He Favors Brooklyn and Brooklyn loves him. They would travel to the country part of New York, and go Hunting. George Loves to Hunt especially Bison, and Deer. He likes Gun-Sports, and Vintage cars.
He likes to spend his extra money on Auctions, for Rare Items, he works as a guide at the Museum Of Natural History; he enjoys everything about history, and Favors Kennedy as his Favorite President.

Mae-A.K.A- The ‘cool’ aunt-
Aunt Mae is fun, with a punk style of Hair and clothing; she spoils Brooklyn, And Loves to blow her money on iTunes and Movies. She works as a Prop Manager, in some Movies, and is making her way to the big screen, she wants to be and actress, then become a director. She Loves her older brother Peter, but annoys him a lot. (On purpose)
She asks for money all the time, along with meals, and Favors. She always repays them though. She supports Diana’s Art shop, and works when she cans.
She has shorter choppy black hair with blue highlights, and big green eyes, just like Peter.
She has a fun, and playful smile, and is approachable, but doesn’t look it.

April-A.K.A-The ‘Sweet’ aunt-
She is married to Jesse Colt.
April works as a Cake Designer and Decorator at her Husbands, sister’s Bake shop.
She has Golden Blonde hair, and is the older sister of Peter and Mae.
She wears her hair up, and loves to bake, she is an amazing cook.
She has Blue eyes, and there is always a smile on her face. She has three kids, one is Demi she is Brooklyn’s age and goes to school with her. Nicholas ‘Nicky’ He is 12 and in fifth grade. Last but not least Zoe the four year old.

Jesse-A.K.A-The ‘Cool’ uncle-
Jesse is married to April Wright.
Jesse is fun, and laid back. He works as a Lifeguard. And sometimes a worker at Coney Island, He always Wears sunglasses, and rides his motorcycle everywhere.
He likes taking Brooklyn and his kids out to Movies, and the mall. Jesse also enjoys bonding time with Peter.
He has sandy blonde hair, and Blue eyes.

Demi is a happy, cheerleader at Aloroy high school.
She has golden blonde hair, and blue eyes, like her mom.
She is a preppy, sporty girl, and she loves to read. Fashion means everything to her.
She loves to shop with Brooklyn, and go to the movies with her dad. She cannot stand Nicky for he is the most annoying person in the world to her.

Nicky-A.K.A-Cousin, ‘Little Terror’-
This twelve year old, is a hyperactive boy in Elementary school.
He is addicted to his Nintendo DSi, and his X-box.
Nicky loves to annoy people, to the point where they want to seriously hurt them.
He thinks he’s best at everything, and is growing a rather large head, he has dirty blonde hair, and blue eyes, and a crooked smile, to match his crooked sense on humor.

Zoe-A.K.A-‘The baby’
Zoe is four years old, and the cutest thing, she can get anything, by her winning toothy smile, and the cute tuffs of Blonde hair on her head, and she is spoiled rotten and gets everything she wants.
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Re: ***Erin's Character's for Brooklyn's Story:::...The Move-Character's Part One

Post by Mordor on 3/26/2010, 12:51 pm

This is cool, Erin. I like the way you desrcibe them (:
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