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Roleplaying Rules

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Roleplaying Rules

Post by shadowsowner888 on 6/8/2009, 9:38 am

If you’ve already read the Compositions rules, you’ll be getting a flashback of that because roleplays are pretty much compositions, too.

Note - at this point I will not be “approving” roleplays like they do on some other websites (such as WI), because I don’t see that we’ll really need any reason to at this point. However, this may change in the future.

No adult-only content. Just like the Compositions rule.

Don’t start more than you can handle. Again, same as the Compositions rule. But this is a substantially more significant rule here, because if you start a roleplay, you’re responsible for keeping up with everything in it to make sure it follows the rules - so here it is not just a mere suggestion, but a requirement.

Put your roleplays in the proper category. The categories are explained under each one.

Let everyone know how high the general maturity and fantasy in your roleplay is. This kinda isn’t as big as it’d be in the Compositions section, since a lot of the time we can tell how much maturity/fantasy is in the roleplay by reading the rules and plot. But it’s still important to put it - just near the top of the page, something like this:
Maturity: This roleplay will contain fighting and, at most, serious kissing in relationships.
Fantasy: This roleplay contains spell casting and belief in gods.
Please also put a very brief summary, such as "Maturity, High; Fantasy, Low" in the description of your RPs. nod

Please make sure to moderate your roleplays efficiently. This is basically an add-on to the “don’t start more than you can handle” rule. If you start a roleplay, please stay on top of it to make sure it follows the rules - I most likely will not be able to do this myself, so you need to all watch out for your own RPs.

Follow the rules of any roleplay you join. Even though I may allow serious kissing on the site overall, if you join a roleplay that prohibits this in it, then you have to respect its rules.

Make sure your roleplay is complete. All roleplays need a few things at least: an explanation of the roleplay or a plot, a form, a list of the characters and who plays them, and rules. Here is a sample roleplay for you guys so you know what it looks like - however, this is just the most simple roleplay. There is much more you can add to your own if you wish. Smile

This is a Warriors roleplay for any cats who think themselves to be quite awesome.

Maturity: Romantic nuzzles, twining tails, licking, and that sort of stuff - also pregnancies and births that are kid-friendly. An occasional battle.
Fantasy: Belief in “Starclan,” the dead ancestors of the cats on the roleplay - sort of their “god.”

  • Follow all the rules of the site and this section.
  • Cats must have known each other for at least five RL days before becoming mates, and must be mates for at least five RL days before any kits can be born.
  • All cats’ names must be unusual (for warrior cats), and reflect some aspect of “awesomeness” - for example, Dancingfeet.
  • No jumping in on other peoples’ roleplays without their permission.
  • All posts must have at least three lines of roleplay text in them.



Character List:

Awesomestar (shadowsowner888)

Cooldude (Max)

Medicine Cats:
Funhead (Lola)
Sweetpaw (Mister)

Rainbowpony (Star)
Rockdude (Max)

Groovepaw (Star)

Queens and Kits:
Dancingclaws (Lola)

Lostmojo (Shadow Cullen)

No godmoding or powerplaying. Godmoding is having totally powerful characters - maybe they’re invincible in battle, or maybe they don’t seem to have to ever eat or drink, or maybe even they just look totally perfect. I don’t think so - everyone has some sort of flaw. There are of course exceptions, such as Twilight vampires, but I don’t want to see all your supposedly normal characters like this. And powerplaying is when you control characters besides the ones you came up with. Most commonly, this is something like making another person’s character react to one of your own in some way, but it could also be considered powerplaying if a character of yours finds another person’s character who’s supposed to be lost in the woods. Before doing anything that affects other characters - especially using some sort of power on them - make sure that the character’s user is okay with it.

If someone breaks one of the rules, then give them a gentle reminder. This is mostly for the RP’s owner, but if they’re not on, any member can do this. (And this goes for all the rules - site rules, section rules, and individual RP rules.) As well, if you are reminded, please respect this reminder. Smile

New parts may not be started until a thread reaches 100 pages, or 1,000 posts. You don't have to make new ones if you don't want to, but if you do, this is the soonest you can.

If you don’t have any members right away, don’t be discouraged. If your roleplay isn’t starting off so well, please don’t keep posting things like, “Isn’t anybody going to join?” Instead, you can try advertising it in The Billboard, and maybe you could have another member look it over to see if there’s anything you may want to improve. Smile

Everyone gets one thread in character lists. This section is for keeping track of your roleplay characters. You can have as many posts as you need for it, but only one topic per person.

Keep character lists on-topic. I shouldn't be seeing any posts there that aren't related to something on the lists.

Remember - anyone who owns a roleplay is responsible for making sure the rules are followed in it. I’ll leave it up to you and not interfere, unless I see several repetitions of the rule violation without any warnings against it whatsoever.

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