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Em's Charries<3

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Em's Charries<3

Post by <3--[Emily]--<< on 4/30/2010, 5:46 pm


Welcome & Enjoy! (:

Name - Jake Parker
Age - 18
Gender - Male
Description - Jake has a very define look. He was chocolate mousse brown hair with natural, blonde, highlights. With broad cheekbones, an average nose, and a messy, but cute, tangle to his hair, he is quite the sight to see. However, it is his eyes that are mostly noticed. While his right eye is a deep Caribbean sea blue, adventurous and risky, his left eye is a soft peaceful honey brown, oozing with care and understanding. His body is extremely fit, from his training, and his skin color varies from what part of the world he is in but is mostly a slightly tanned beige.
Personality - Jake is quite the gentlemen along with a strong believer of chivalry. Though in often cases he finds himself having to choose between two girls, he strongly disagrees with cheating. He is the kind of guy who opens doors for girls and says 'pardon' instead of 'what' just because that's what he believes in. And not to mention, he's a bit of a flirt.
History - Started military training when he was six as a cruel joke from his brother, Jason, but ended up excelling at it. You see, Jake was one of the two people in the world with a 'relapsing memory' which basically meant he could remember anything that had ever happened to him. Twelve years later, at the age of eighteen, the government stepped in declaring that they had broken a dozen years breaking child labor laws, so he was granted a year off to do whatever. Which brings him into the role play that he is in.

-more to be added soon-
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