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My Naruto Story Characters. *Not finished*

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My Naruto Story Characters. *Not finished*

Post by UchihaGirl1135 on 7/21/2009, 3:50 pm

just so to know my characters from my Naruto oc Story better.

Kiara Uchiha
Gender: Female
Height: 5'8'
Age: 12-13 part 1: 15-16 part 2
Position: Elite chunin.
Personality: Sweet and Gentle, but she has a temper at times. very clever and good at figuring out things. Very Outgoing and fun.
Background: Kiara is the little sister of Haruno Uchiha.
Survived the Uchiha massacre, by the sacrifice her brother made, to make her escape.
Kiara's sharingan is different than other one's because of it's coloration and power. She can see the future.
She gained her sharingan at an early age of six, and retrieved her Mangekyou after her brother died.

Haruno Uchiha
Gender: Male
Height: 5'11
Age: 20-21 part 2
Position: Jonin, and Anbu.
Personality: Wise, honest, and a strong fighter. Never gives up easily. He is Very clever and always has ways to solve problems. He has a good personality, and will sacrifice anything to save others. Even his own life.
Backround" Haruno is the older Brother of Kiara.
Died during the massacre, by sacrificing himself to protect Kiara. Before he died he used a reincarnation jutsu that put him in a form of a white wolf. He found the scroll which contained that technique in a scroll room while on a mission to kill Orochimaru in his base, which was apparently a failure. After he took form as a wolf. He followed Kiara, and became her closest friend.
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