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2 to 4 people needed for an PRP

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2 to 4 people needed for an PRP

Post by Dreamer on 6/28/2010, 7:36 pm

OK, I'm reading the Alex Rider series by Anthony Harrowitz (If you don't know, the series is about a 14 year old spy), and I got an idea. I would make a PRP about spys. But it would be different...cause' it would not just be one spy, it would be a whole group! (I was thinking up to 3 spys per member)

Also, here is some additional info:

I'm new to PRPing, so if I don't know something, sorry. (But I do RP)
This will a Semi-Elite roleplay
FYI, there WILL probably be shooting/guns in this
2 to 4 people only!

If you have any ideas for this PRP, please tell me them!

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