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Jessi's People For (Untitled)

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Jessi's People For (Untitled)

Post by Mrs. Jessi O'Shea on 6/29/2010, 4:57 pm

Jessabelle "Jessi" Wolfe 17
Brothers: James Wolfe 17
(Need nine more)
Cousins:- (Need five more)
Anna Green 17
Sisters: Alison Aurora Green 18
Chelsea Green 15
(Need four more)
Brothers:- (Need five more)
Cousins: Hannah Green 16
Samir Green 18
(Need thirty more)
Bryan Vennette 17
Sisters:- (Need eight more)
Blake Blain 19

Serina Son 16
Bethany Blake 17
Friends: Randy Allen 18

Because I know that if I don't put the people, I will forget them. -_-
Mrs. Jessi O'Shea
Mrs. Jessi O'Shea
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Best-Selling Author

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