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Haile the Flying Ninjas Charrie(s)

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Haile the Flying Ninjas Charrie(s)

Post by Haileadorable211 on 7/5/2010, 9:57 pm

Name:Asahina Suzumaya
Apperance:Bassicly calling her good looking would win you under statement of the year.Her nickname is kitty because of her eyes.Her eyes are a vivid green color that fades into a spring greenish color.Theyre abnormally ........... hard looking.Like blades just stabbing you everytime she looks your direction but she can soften them and minipulate them really well like some people can minipulate their eyebrows and other parts of their body.Her hair is glossy midnight black with streaks of varying colors ranging from a golden blonde to a edgy red and anywhere in between.She switches them frequently.It bounces when she walks and the height of the bounce reflects her mood((little bounce=sad lots of bounce=happy)).She has a nice shape is toned and fit due to years of labor.She makes all her own clothes because the last time she found a lolita dress it cost 44,000((for real)).Because of her looks shes been caught in alot of dead in end relationships and now she cant trust men......
History:When she was born her parents abandoned her.She was lucky to survivie her first 2 years.She was found by a family that took care of her for 4 years and then her family was killed.She was scared for life.She lived on her own constantly having to find off bandits and survivie typhons and famin.When she had reached 11 she had finnaly made enough money to get to america and after coming to america she was sent to a foster home and bounced around for a while.She taught herself english in that time and by her 11th foster home she ran away.She ended up working as a seamstress at a small family owned shop in exchange for room and board.She constantly sewed and made all of her own clothes from curtains and scrap.She started selling her wears and they were a hit.She moved to new york and was able to start he rown fashion company and now she makes millions every year much of which she donates to refugees and the impoverished back in japan and korea and even in America.She started the Second Chances foundation that donates millions in food and clothes for the impoverished .She sends money to the people at the shop who helped her so much.
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