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Rai's Blog of Epicsauce: 7/18/10

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Rai's Blog of Epicsauce: 7/18/10

Post by Rai on 7/18/2010, 5:49 pm

Hello fellow readers! Very Happy

&& tubing, tropical storms, and electrocution.&&

Oh my goodness, I am so sorry for not blogging. >.< I've been so busy and crammed. Honestly, I don't know how I'm not asleep right now. XD

Today's Status: Fun with a dash of stupid. Razz
Mood: Oddly humorous.

Again, sorry about the 'notblogging' part. >.<
Anyways, the last few days have been fairly hectic. Busy little me. x3 I had a slumber party at my friend's house... hmmm, was that YESTERDAY?!?! That seems like a week ago. O.o

Anyways, her family owns a boat, and we went tubing and wakeboarding! Very Happy It was loads of fun. Then we hung out at an island for a while, which I will not tell the name of (lol Wink) and swam for a bit. It was an amazing time, except for when my friend, Dani, got her foot stuck under the tube when we were going very fast. >.< It looked like it hurt. Eeek. D:

So, then I came home yesterday. I was soooo exhausted. ._. So, I took a little nap (after I came home from Dani's), ate, did work and such, looked on TWIG for a moment, did something for school (next year) read a bit, then went to bed. XD

Anyhoozle, about todayyy! Very Happy

Today was pretty fun! Very Happy I woke up pretty early, but rested in bed, watching the television shows for a while. What sucks is that all the kids' channels were on. Like, 'Program for Baby!' or 'Mickey Mouse Clubhouse' or 'omglookIDONTCARE.' ._.

Then I got outta bed, came downstairs and ate some cereal.
Exciting! 8D


Lol, I just hung out for a while after that. Razz Computer, games, food, a bit of television (all the programs have turned into dirty little crap shows, so I don't watch much television anymore. Razz), and a few other things.

Then, we had like... a tropical storm or something... Razz Our power was out for about an hour, so my family and I decided to entertain ourselves with board games. XD Scattergories, man! *makes rock sign* XD

After the power outage, I hopped back on the computer and made a poem.
I wasn't even aware of what I was writing, but somehow, the words made sense. Lol! XD

We've had three tropical storms already today: three power outages, but two of them were for like... 2 seconds, lol.

Look! Another one is on it's way! I can see it out my window.

I'd better get off of the computer before I get electrocuted or rip my arm off in some unrelated way. XD Byeee! :3

But, we have to have questions:
What's your mood?
Have you ever been electrocuted?
How 'bout struck by lightning?
What's your favorite television show?:

Sorry for the poor amount of questions, but this dark, ominous cloud is now looming eerily over my house. Gotta go! XDDD

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Re: Rai's Blog of Epicsauce: 7/18/10

Post by Avé on 7/18/2010, 6:15 pm

What's your mood? Tired - of driving and in general. D:
Have you ever been electrocuted? Trying to plug in a Chi in the dark, yes. ._.
How 'bout struck by lightning? Er, no. XD
What's your favorite television show? Degrassi, The Hills? I'm not sure.
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Re: Rai's Blog of Epicsauce: 7/18/10

Post by leah_hope92 on 7/19/2010, 12:58 am

What's your mood? Uh-- jumpy? I guess.
Have you ever been electrocuted? Nope. Happily. Very Happy
How 'bout struck by lightning? Greatfuly no. yayparty!
What's your favorite television show? DEGRASSI. mesmerizing
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Re: Rai's Blog of Epicsauce: 7/18/10

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