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:: Ratty's randomly rattyful blog :: 7/20/10 ::

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:: Ratty's randomly rattyful blog :: 7/20/10 ::

Post by rattyjol on 7/21/2010, 2:56 am

I haven't blogged in five days and really there's not much to say. We drive for like an hour, hike, drive for a while, hike, etc. x.x It's really not that exciting, especially since every single trail in the temperate rainforest is EXACTLY THE SAME. xP And yet my parents still insist on going on like every single one we see. xP Today we actually did something different, though. We went canoeing on Crescent Lake, and then we went up Hurricane Ridge and saw the Olympic Mountain range, it was really pretty. Smile There were random clumps of snow scattered around, every single one blocking a different trail, so we couldn't actually walk anywhere, but... rolleyes

Oh, and yesterday, we saw a bald eagle super close up. It was being chased by little birds, I think. xD

In terms of TwigWriSum, I wrote almost 3k yesterday, and then lost the gain by writing not quite a thousand today. xP My count at the moment is 78,069.

Oh, and I might not have internet at all tomorrow. xP
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