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A Softball-Playing Pyromaniac;;Isabella Aria Brunsman[Beautiful Melody]

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A Softball-Playing Pyromaniac;;Isabella Aria Brunsman[Beautiful Melody]

Post by kindro on 7/21/2010, 6:17 am

Name: Isabella Aria Brunsman; Likes to be called Isabella, Bella, or Izzi
Age: Twenty Four Years Of Age
Gender: Female
Appearance: Play By: Ariana Grande
Accessories: Usually wears large rings, like seen above, except during a game, or practice. She always has her zippo on hand, whether in her bat bag, or in her pocket. She's a slight pyromaniac, if you will
Profession: Student--Plays college softball. Works[when she can] part-time behind the counter at Dicks
Weapon of Choice: Her softball bat, "Nicole", and her zippo
Back story: This is really the back-story of how her bat was named Nicole, but it's also her own back story. So, sit tight.

Isabella was born on the twenty-third of April, twenty-four years ago, in Rome, Italy. When she was four, her and her parents moved to the States. When she was five and a half, her mother got pregnant, and when she was six, she birthed a baby girl, Nicole. But, sadly, their mother, Marissa, died short after giving birth to little Nicole, so it was up to little Bella to really act like a big sister and help her father out. But, two months later, after being diagnosed with stomach cancer, her father passed away. So Isabella and Nicole were taken to an adoption agency, where, ten years later, some pyromaniac(*cough* Isabella *cough*) set fire to the building. Of course, no one ever knew, besides Nicole and Isabella, because they were the only two that made it out. When Nicole was thirteen, Isabella nineteen, Bella was raped by a nasty gang, who then turned around and kid-napped Nicole, who, for all Isabella knows, is dead. Ever since, she's had a reoccurring nightmare of being raped by that gang. And, sometimes, she claims that she can see Nicole, sitting in the stands, during a game. When she was twenty, she got a job at Dicks, and when she was twenty-two, got this special recognition scholarship that allowed her to go to college and play ball, which she had always enjoyed. She moved into the apartments, just two months before school, and met Chase. She named her lucky softball bat, the one she always uses, Nicole, in honor of her little sister.
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