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//Lauren's Boring Encounters- ;D

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//Lauren's Boring Encounters- ;D

Post by lauren on 7/21/2010, 11:33 am

yeah, i thought my blogs were a bit boring, so i decided to do a little switcharoo. xD

not much is going on today. just watching tv and stuff. if you guys really wanan keep updated (gosh, why? lol) read my actual blog, link in the picture in my sig, lovingly made by ave <33

i'm working on changing my handwriting before school starts Very Happy i actually just now decided to do that as I was typing it. lucky me, haha.

wow, this is pretty short. AAAAH! my dog just majorly scratched me on the arm D: that's painful.

oh! i know what i can talk about! i need your help, people! it's my birthday coming up (august 11) and my mom's bothering me for what i want, and what I REALLY REALLY want more than anything is pet rats. she says she doesn't know if she can do that, just because she might not be able to handle it, but the thing is i've been asking like, 3 years now, eery christmas, every birthday. i just said okay, cuz i'm too old and i know better than to wheedle & whine. she's like, is there ANY other pet you'd want? I don't understand why she's asking me that because I asked for a bunny but she said no to that also. Don't think I'm like, desperate for a pet, because I KNOW how to take care of every animal I ask for, it's not like I just blindly wish for it, I've spent 6 months researching rabbits and over a year on rats. I really want either a rabbit (since she's said no to rats, I'm taking them off the list.) OR guinea pigs, which I'm not entirely sure of the piggies Razz I just really am confident in myself that I could take care of any pet that I get and yeah. Razz also I wanted a snake for a while but I jsut can't do the whole feeding thing. I can't. no reptiles Razz or birds. i don't like birds. no more dogs, and no cat.
so, questions.

1. What pet do you think I should get? And why?
2. What's your favorite color?
3. Do you like the Devil Wears Prada movie?
4. Do you make wishes at 11:11?
5. Do you get made fun of at school, and if so, what for?
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