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B's Blog

Post by B on 7/21/2010, 4:24 pm

-B's Blog-

-Playlist. Forgot it was on Auto!-

Hello all! (: You're currently viewing B's Blog. Today, my topics are...:

o Beaches
o Music
o Two reviews on stories I've read today (If it's yours and I write something bad about it that you don't like, please don't be offended. It's my opinion. Just one opinion.)

~1~ Beaches

Have you ever been to the beach? I have. But the last time I was at the beach with my family 2003. XP The sand down here sucks so much. It's filled with a bunch of glass and shells. The sand isn't even white! It's this gross looking yellow.....ewie....sorry for the disturbance. (: Back on topic. The beaches are always a good thing to go to during the summer, just remember the sunscreen!

~2~ Music

My playlist today involves some of the best songs I've heard before. Maybe you'll agree! (: Just listen to a couple of them, not all of them. Give me some pointers on what songs I should put on my next playlist! Maybe your suggestion will appear.

~3~ Reviews

••CHEATER••~ By GraceMarie8

This is a very lovely story, Grace. I personally found that the plot is absouloutly stunning and sad. A young girl is forced to live with her Aunt and leaves everything she's loved behind. I'll read later, but keep writing Grace!

That's all for today, guys.
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