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Well, hello there. YES, it's me. 7/24/10

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Well, hello there. YES, it's me. 7/24/10

Post by Horsey on 7/24/2010, 11:05 pm

And I'm sorry to say...that I already miss camp.

I got home and I'm like..."I want to go back"
My friends and I had so much fun together

Who knew people could be such idiots? Camp just made my entire year. Seriously. I can't wait to go back next year.

We swam in the pool every day, had a scavenger hunt with 120+ kids all over our campus, a huge dance party, Faith Enrichment, Church, and awkward nights in Cabin 4.

Honestly, I am really disoriented right now, so I'm not going to go into the whole 50,000 word long blog out what I did each day at camp. Because I don't feel like it. It's 11pm at night for me and for the entire week prior I've been getting up at 6:45am. Uuuugh.

When my dad picked my sibs and us up from camp, we ran home to get a bite to eat and relax for about an hour before heading off to a big 80th-birthday-party-picnic-reunion-thing. We weren't there long, but I got to see all of my baby cousins so it was enjoyable :]. Oh, and so far I failed to mention that it was 100 degrees or possibly higher today...Razz.

So when my family and I got home, my dad gave me a choice for my birthday since I turn 13 in exactly two weeks from today. We want to do something special since it's kinda...big. So he told me we can either go horse-back riding on a trail together for an hour, or he can just give me the amount of money the riding would cost and...ect.

I chose horse-back riding. Because other than once around in a paddock, I've never been riding horses by myself. I've always been lead by someone, and this trail isn't. It'll be just me and them for an hour and our horses. Honestly, I have no need for the money. My parents won't let me buy an xbox, I don't want an itouch, I have a phone, and a laptop. And I love horses. Plus, spending time with family will be great. It was an easy choice =).

Then we just kinda hung out inside and adjusted back to normal life.

It's kinda creepy how quiet it is.
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