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Beyond Writing and Cup o' Joe Rules

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Beyond Writing and Cup o' Joe Rules

Post by shadowsowner888 on 6/8/2009, 9:55 am

Sharing Time is not a place for stories/roleplaying or advertising. It’s fine to talk about ideas for them here, but the actual things should stay in their own sections, with the exception of maybe posting a small bit of something to see if people think you should continue or something. As well, please do not try to get viewers for your stories and roleplays here; that is for The Billboard.

If discussing other authors’ works in Sharing Time, please be sure to give credit. This means you need to name the person who came up with it. For example, if you post a bit of roleplaying because you thought it was awesome, make sure to name the users involved. Smile

Cup o' Joe is for any topic that is not related to writing. You got a new book and want to rant about its awesomeness as opposed to how well the author did with a certain character, you drew some cool pictures, whatev - just so long as it isn’t writing-involved and doesn’t go in any of the other sections, it goes here. Wink

Only one club per subject. So that means we can have one Twilight club, one Eragon club, one Wii club, etc. (I’ll most likely allow multiple clubs if a subject is really popular - like one member could have a Nick Jonas club, one a Joe Jonas, one a Kevin Jonas, and one a club of all three; but you’ll need to ask me about this first.)

No exclusive clubs. Clubs should be open to anyone who wants to join - and this means no girls-only clubs, and stuff like that - I don’t even want to see a Wii club which requires you to have a Wii before joining.

No hate clubs. That means you can’t have a club about how much you hate writer’s block. XD Sorry guys.

In the billboard, only post appropriate stuff. You can advertise anything you want as long as it follows this one rule.

Only one profile allowed per person. Simple enough, right?

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