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Twig is Up

Post by shadowsowner888 on 7/30/2010, 10:49 am

You should've been PMed a password by Arianna which allows you to log in. :3 However, if you joined within the past few days and haven't received this, it's probably because the converter didn't catch your account, so you'll need to reregister on the new version of the forums.

Profile settings, emails, avatars, badges, TAs, signatures, polls, and thread descriptions were not converted, so you'll need to readd those. Also, some of your thread titles may look messed up if you were using special characters in the name, cus the converter didn't process those right. xD Lastly, nesting bbcode doesn't work there; you can't do the following.
[color=blue]This is not [color=green]green[/color].[/color]
If you do that, a pair of the tags don't work. Instead you have to end the code as follows before you go to the next one.
[color=blue]This is not [/color][color=green]green[/color][color=blue].[/color]

That's all I can think of that you'll need to be aware of . . . oh, and the blogs are still in the newsletter forum. XD I'm working on getting them moved out, but it's gonna take a while cus there's about a thousand topics still.

Anyway, enjoy. ^^


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