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Thats it!

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Thats it!

Post by B on 8/6/2010, 9:46 pm

I'm done! I'm so SICK of peeving people off. Whenever I tick you off, just cuss me out in PM. Go ahead. I honestly don't care. I fell just! Ignore this retarded stinking rant, PLEASE. Don't post at all. I don't care if you view it. Go ahead and view my frustration!

You know what frustrates me? How everyone calls me a FAKE. A total fake and a total....youknowwhat. Now let me just continue a small rant toget this offa my chest.

Calling me a fake is like calling yourself a total jerk. I for one, am NOT a fake. Sure, I've gone through so many personality changes. Big. Darned. Whoopideedoodah. Nobody in this WORLD really knows me. And nor do you! Your apart of the world that doesn't know me. Not only am I unique, but God made me this way. He allowed me to paint palm trees and details on birds on my nails. He allowed meto write over my ENTIRE body. He allowed ME to be who I am. A gymnast, a girl, someone innocent. So quit it! Just....STOP. Don't ever talk to me again when I peeve you off! Stopthe stupid rumors that I'm doing things that 12 year olds shouldn't!


Just...ignore the thread. Please. I don't use diarys. So this is my..."diary."
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