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Old twig <3 Empty Old twig <3

Wow, this is so weird! I hate to say it but I really love this TWIG(: I think we should keep it this way, y'know.

So i about died when i tried to get on twig and it was GONE. I was like ohmygodwhattheheckhappened! i remembered about this site so i got on here, lol. I really miss the chatbox and all the purpley buttons and the old banner. I liikee it. I think we should just stay here.

It's kind of weird getting on here and not seing any of the usual threads though o_O i went in the stories section and Cheater was only up to chapted 5. aaawhh, good times.

Anyways. School today was weird. All the girls sam are friends with were totalllyy being rude to me... for no reason. they don't like me because sam is friends with me and that makes them angry? they think im like stealing her away and that shes using me to be popular. me. popular. hahahaha. funny.
All they do is sit around and read, so honey when you get a social life you can come back and try to put me in my place.

We had this substitute and we were like crazy and talking about marajuana and how weird our health teacher is when she teaches us about, y'know, stuff. xD

BUT GUESS WHAAT. JOE IS COMING BACK TOMORROW (: tomorrow should be a good day.

i feel like nobody is going to read this. but i needed to outlet my thoughts SOMEWHERE...
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Old twig <3 :: Comments


Post on 3/10/2011, 10:43 pm by Kali

I'm here to read it. :]

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Post on 3/11/2011, 1:17 am by shadowsowner888

I'm a reader too. Very Happy

And yeah, this version of Twig . . . I do like it, too. ^^ For all the reasons we made the switch in the first place, though - like how the other Twig is more customizable, for one - we are still gonna be moving back to the other one as soon as we get it up with a different hosting company. xD

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Malicious Nightmares

Post on 3/11/2011, 8:01 am by Malicious Nightmares

Just sayin'~ :3

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Post on 3/11/2011, 11:17 am by conich

I about has a heart attack when New Twig wasn't there... But then I remembered this, and I'm completely happy. Very Happy

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