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If you asked me if I loved him... I'd [ l i e ] 3.11.11

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If you asked me if I loved him... I'd [ l i e ] 3.11.11 Empty If you asked me if I loved him... I'd [ l i e ] 3.11.11

Joe came back today(: i was happy to see him, we talked a little. our science teacher was in a bad mood though so we didnt get a lot of time. Gosh, I was surprised at how tan he is. He makes me feel pale. ):
but yeah its cool that hes back. i think im gonna text him later. I'm still unsure if i like him or not... today in LA...

CAMERON: Do you think my writing is too small on this?
ME: Nah, well maybe a little..
CAMERON: I'm tempted to just not go over it in pen and get points off.
ME: Cameron! thats totally stupid
IKRAN: Gosh grace you flirt with him too much
ME: What???
ARIAN: Yeah grace loves cameron
ME: nooo thats not even who i like you guys are stupid
ARIAN: You like jack, right? lol jk
ME: Nooo.
ARIAN: You like Joe Ingstrum!!
SAM: HAHAHA. funny.

I like died. im scared that i flirt with him or something. i dont think i do... except when i text him, but.. or maybe sam told everyone. who knows. I like yelled it lol i was about to freak out

We're going to get in sooo much trouble when our teacher comes back. Cause Ikran thought she was being cool and wrote her own quote on the board from this song and it said: "The square root of 69 is 8 somethin, right?" and the sub was like "okay take that down haha" and then later she kept trying to ask him if she could write it on the board. he didn't hear her and was like "do you want to explain what the quote means?" (as in, our real quote) and she was like "Oh, the 69 one?" and i lost it.... i was like crying. hahaa. She's so weird.
But anyways, we're totally gonna get in trouble i just know it.

And the nerdy chick (who's name happens to be Gracie ._. she just ruins the name) kept being rude to me. I soo just wanted to be like. "Alright, you need to really keep your mouth shut because you have no reason to be rude to me, i never said or did anything to you. get a hold of yourself." whatevs, whatevs. haters gonna hate right.

I started talking to this girl ashley in my health class and shes really nice. We were talking about guys haha but i didnt tell her i liked joe cause that would be weird. we were talking about how kayla thinks joe is hot and she was like "ehhh, he's okay." so i guess its not that embarassing, but i just dont want a bunch of people to know, y'know.

Another weird thing happened in LA. Cameron went to his locker and jack was complaining about his pen not writing over his pencil outline. I asked "have you tried using one with gel ink?" he said "i dont have one" i let im barrow mine, and our hands touched a little, and he smiled. i reminded him to write super slow. after he wrote on his paper, he said "oh hey it works. i guess i was just writing too fast... thanks grace(:"

I guess it just sounds like a boring conversation but just the way he said everything. Me and him have been arguing all week, ever since sam told everyone she likes him, and he's been calling me a nag and blah blah blah. So it was weird that he was being so nice. But just the way he said everything... you know what it reminded me of? You know like in all those cheesy movies when a girl likes a guy she never talks to and then the first time they talk she asks him to borrow a pencil and then he ends up asking her for her number or something like that? yeah, like that. And then cameron walked in and he turned around and starting being mean again.

I'm really worried about my grades though. I know i currently have an 85% in both algebra and language arts. I think I can raise my algebra grade if I get a few bonus points and get a 100 on this next test. But language arts, gosh im not so sure. I think its just like that because last time she posted grades i didnt turn in my poem yet and so it showed up as a 0 which could drag down my grade. ( but turned it in)
so if i have an 89, it comes up as an A.. i mean i dont know how i have a b because i dont think i have like epicly failed anything lately... except this one worksheet but it was a 33/36 or 32 maybe. Ugh if I have two Bs im going to die, i've never had a b before...
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