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A Chronicle of Lies - Bewitched

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A Chronicle of Lies - Bewitched

Post by Epileptic Lies on 7/25/2010, 10:39 pm

J u l y 2 5 t h - -

This will be my last blog before band camp starts. D':
Yeah, that's right. 8 hours a day, 6 days a week in the scorching, blistering heat while marching outside until school starts. WHEE, FUN~!
Not. This surely goes against child labor laws, right? D< Well, whatever, haha. It'll be worth it in the end...hopefully.

Ya'll are gonna miss me, right? ;D Haha, just kidding; I doubt it. =P


When you see someone (that you hardly know) like someone you like, what do you feel? Do you feel jealous? Threatened? Or nothing really?
(If you chose the third choice, maybe you don't like them as much as you thought.)

Well, Jayson has a not-so-new admirer. I've been noticing this chica being all over him lately and it's driving me crazy. Who does she think she is, doing boyfriend/girlfriend stuff to a guy who has no feelings for her? (I asked him and he told me.) It makes me sick to my stomach. But, I do feel sorry for her. Because she's in the situation I am/was in. Jayson doesn't like her, just like he doesn't like me.

Why is he so likable?!

I told him I just wanted him to be happy, so I would just give up on him and move on. But, I can't stop liking him. I can't give up so easily. Baka! Why'd I say such things? I don't know why I like him so much. Maybe it's the way we can talk about everything and nothing and still have fun together. Maybe it's his intelligent attitude. Maybe it's his charm. All I know is that he's cast me under his spell and I can't seem to break the curse.

But, since he used to like me and we're best friends, someone told me that if I stay the same and wait long enough, those feelings might return. Oh, how I wish. But, I can't set my hopes too high...


That playlist song up there. Do you know it? I want to talk about it.

It's song by Luka Megurine (a Vocaloid, which is a Japanese synthesizer), but it's in her ex-boyfriend's point of view. Basically, they were best friends in childhood and later started dating (engaged?). But, the guy felt that their relationship was dull and fading away. They didn't feel a connection anymore, so as much as it hurt him (because he still loved her), he breaks up with her.

Ahh, I almost cry every time I hear it and think of the story. It's so sad and just breaks my heart. It's the reality that most people don't want to face. There's also an English fandub in the playlist, if you want, because it has the English version of the lyrics. I just feel that the music is too upbeat and happy, so I like piano version (also in the playlist) better because it projects the emotion of the song better.

Awh, tear tear, cry cry.


Well, that's all I wanna say for now. So, about a little questionnaire?

1) Did you go to some sort of camp this summer?
2) How long do you have until summer ends for you?
3) Do you get jealous easily?
4) Have you ever felt that a simple crush was probably something...more?
5) Yay, last question! Have you heard of Vocaloid before this?

Thanks for reading! Buh-bye now!
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