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Young TWIG and the Apocalypse

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Young TWIG and the Apocalypse

Post by IDmangapasta on 3/10/2011, 8:52 pm

Mods, if this needs to be somewhere else, feel free to move it. Smile

You know how at special times someone makes a free for all rp, usually in the cup of joe section, and everyone plays themselves? Well the special time is revisiting the old TWIG due to the apocalypse of the new one, and the someone is me.

Here's the scenario. We're all ourselves, but seeing as we are revisiting our past here, we are all younger, say, third graders. And we're running from the end of the world. Have fun! ^^

Edit: I just found that someone else made a thread like this. ^^' Whoops. Y'all can still use this one, but feel free to go to Cyn's instead. XD
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